Équipement de Combustion Idéal Ltd offers heating equipment service contracts carried out by highly qualified and experienced technicians. Service contractsare also offered for your peace of mind.

Contact our customer service department at 819 566-5696 extension 234. Vicky will be happy to help you plan your maintenance.

Services offered:

  • For your De Dietrich, Lochnival, Cleaver Brooks, Volcano, Viessman, Hurst, Dominion Bridge, Pennant or other boilers:
    • Annual maintenance according to manufacturer recommendations
    • Verification of gas leaks in piping
    • Nozzle replacement as required
    • Refractor repair as required
    • Filter replacement as required
    • Tube replacement as required
    • Combustion analysis and adjustment
  • For your air renewal units:
    • Annual maintenance according to manufacturer recommendations
    • Combustion analysis and adjustment for indirect fire devices
  • For your heaters:
    • Annual maintenance according to manufacturer recommendations
  • For your radiant tubes:
    • Annual maintenance according to manufacturer recommendations
  • For your water storage tanks:
    • Annual maintenance, inspection and minor repairs
  • For your anti-backflow devices:
    • Annual maintenance and test with verification label



We offer two types of service contracts:


With these types of agreements you will no longer have to worry about the maintenance of your equipment. The frequency of maintenance services and the costs are calculated according to the type of system and your needs. Ask for a free quote!


The advantages of contract agreements

  • Maintenance of your equipment is carried out by qualified technicians
  • The lifespan of your equipment is increased because the devices are maintained
  • Customers with a contract have priority over emergency calls
  • For our customers with a maintenance contract, we call their insurance inspector to plan their visit, when required
  • Contracts can cover a period of 1 or 3 years.  We automatically send you a renewal at the end of contract period.

In addition to these advantages, the maintenance  + 24 / 7 emergency service contract allows the customer to place service calls for defective devices at no additional cost, according to contract terms.

Your maintenance will be carried out from one year to the next without you having to worry about planning equipment maintenance because we will call you to plan maintenance work.

NEW: We now offer maintenance contracts for your anti-backup devices in order to test them every year as required by law. Qualified pipefitters do these annual checks.